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Can you name the cars associated with Top Gear from their descriptions?

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Car DescriptionCar Name
James - 'Great News! The...'
Hammond falls in love with this car in Africa
Hammond is a big fan of this wild Italian car
Third Reasonably Priced Car
Jeremy's personal hapless American car
Worst Car of the Year...for every year
James owns & commonly uses this small car
German car Jeremy mocks Hammond for liking
James & Hammond make this into a space shuttle
A despised Japanese hybrid
Two teams of this small car play hockey
Second football playing small cars
James & Jeremy make advertisements for this
This is turned into a convertible people carrier
Hammond races this car against a Eurofighter
Proven indestructible
Jeremy drives this up a mountain in Scotland
Car DescriptionCar Name
Two teams of this small car play football
James regrets driving this car while looking for the World's Greatest Driving Road
James is an aficionado of this luxury brand
This needs the Top Gear wing for the track
Hammond's green 1960s American muscle car
Team enters this in Britcar Endurance Race
Hammond has a serious accident in this dragster
True petrol heads need to own one of this brand
Pianos regularly fall on this
First Reasonably Priced Car
Sabine Schmitz takes this van on the Nürburgring
Has its own fridge by the Cool Wall
This great drivers car breaks the cock-o-meter
Second Reasonably Priced Car
James turns this into an amphibious sailing boat
Jeremy drives this diesel on the Nürburgring
James & Hammond spend 24 hours in this

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