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Can you name the the country where the World's biggest of each of these things is located?

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Bridge (Millau Viaduct) 
Ferris Wheel (Flyer) 
Triumphal Arch (Arch of Triumph) 
Chimney (GRES-2 Power Station) 
Building (Burj Khalifa) 
Monument (Gateway Arch) 
Dam (Nurek Dam) 
Domed Church (Our Lady of Peace) 
Flagpole (in National Flag Square) 
Minaret (at Hassan II Mosque) 
Dam (Syncrude Tailings Dam) 
Roman Temple (Temple at Baalbeck) 
Legislature Building (Palace of the Parliament) 
Optical Telescope (Gran Telescopio Canarias) 
Buddhist Temple (Borobudur) 
Church (St Peter's) 
Hemispherical Building (Ericsson Globe) 
Islamic Cemetary (Wadi-us-Salaam) 
Hospital (Baragwanath Hospital) 
Street by Width (9 de Julio) 
Largest by Area
Individual Tomb (Daisen Kofun) 
Man-made Lake (Lake Volta) 
Airport (King Fahd International) 
Religious Site (Angkor Wat) 
Artificial Island (Flevoland) 
Swimming Pool (at San Alfonso del Mar) 
Residential Palace (Istana Nurul Iman) 
Revolving Restaurant (Bellini) 
Department Store (Shinsegae Centumcity) 
Bus Depot (Millennium Park bus depot) 
Railway (Trans-Siberian Railway) 
Continuously Occupied City (Damascus) 
Road Tunnel (Lærdal Tunnel) 
National Highway (Highway 1) 
Canal (Grand Canal) 
Recreational Pier (Southend Pier) 
Longest Race Track (Nürburgring) 
Staircase (Niesenbahn service stairs) 
Residential Building (Karl-Marx-Hof) 
Oil Well Hole (BD-04A) 

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