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Forced Order
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Who voices Hiro Hamada?
How old is Hiro?
What color is Hiro's super suit?
What is Hiro allergic to?
Who does Hiro defeat in bot fighting early in the film?
What did Hiro create for the showcase?
What snack food does Hiro love?
What did Hiro call Baymax when he first saw him?
Fill in the blank: 'Physical? Or ______?'
Who voices Tadashi Hamada?
How old was Tadashi?
What does the logo on Tadashi's hat stand for?
What color is Tadashi's moped?
How many times did it take Tadashi to get Baymax to work?
What incident ultimately took Tadashi's life?
Fill in the blank: 'Look for a new _____!'
Who voices Baymax?
What color is the lollipop Baymax gives Hiro?
What color is Baymax's newer super suit?
What is Baymax's nickname for Mochi?
What color is Baymax's healthcare chip?
Who rebuilds Baymax in the end?
What sports toy is Baymax often featured with?
Baymax learns what signature move from Hiro?
What does Baymax take from the police station?
Fill in the blank: 'Always wait one hour after eating before _______.'
Who voices Go Go Tomago?
What color is the streak in Go Go's hair?
What color is Go Go's super suit?
What was Go Go working on in the robotics lab?
How tall is Go Go?
What does Go Go call the robotics lab?
What is Go Go's real name?
Fill in the blank: 'Stop whining, _____ up.'
Who voices Honey Lemon?
What color is Honey Lemon's super suit?
What does Honey Lemon major in?
What is Honey Lemon working on in the robotics lab?
Honey Lemon loves to do what with her phone?
How tall is Honey Lemon?
Honey Lemon is fluent in two other languages than English. Name one
Honey Lemon brings back what from the island?
Fill in the blank: 'Now that's a chemical ________!'
Who voices Wasabi?
What color is Wasabi's super suit?
What does Wasabi slice into bits for Hiro in the beginning of the film?
What is Wasabi working on in the lab?
What did Wasabi spill on his shirt one time?
What color was Wasabi's car?
What was originally going to be Wasabi's last name?
How tall is Wasabi?
Fill in the blank: 'Uh... why are you trying to _____ us?'
Who voices Fred?
How tall is Fred?
What does Fred do for a living?
What color is Fred's super suit?
What does Fred collect?
How long has it been since Fred has done laundry?
Fill in the blank: 'Nothing is better than free _____!'
Who voices Aunt Cass?
What kind of vehicle does Aunt Cass drive?
What does Aunt Cass make for special dinner nights?
What is the name of the café Aunt Cass owns?
Fill in the blank: '______ eating! Because of you!'
Who voices Professor Callaghan?
What is Callaghan's first name?
Where does Callaghan work?
What event supposedly kills Callaghan?
Fill in the blank: 'Good luck with the ____ _______.'
Who voices Abigail Callaghan?
What is Abigail's occupation?
What is Abigail's final fate?
Fill in the blank: 'We've invited all these ______.'
Who voices Alistair Krei?
What project was Krei working on until the government shut it down?
What did Krei want to buy from Hiro?
Fill in the blank: 'I love that ______!'
What day did the film debut in America?
How much did Big Hero 6 cost to make?
What number of film is Big Hero 6 in the Disney animated lineup?
Who directed Big Hero 6?
What did Big Hero 6 win an Oscar for?
Which main character was not in the original comic?
Where is the hidden Mickey in the film?
Where does the film take place?
What band had two of their songs featured in the trailer and film?
Which Frozen character makes a couple of cameos in the film?
What building shows up on the SFIT campus at the end of the film?
What is the mascot of SFIT?
What short premiered before Big Hero 6?

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