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QUIZ: Can you name the items beginning with the letters A-Z all about Pixar?

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Who was the princess turned queen in a bug's life?A
What was the first Disney princess film Pixar worked on?B
Who is the only female in Gusteau's kitchen?C
Which character will star in the sequel to Finding Nemo?D
Who is Remy's brother in Ratatouille?E
Who is Randall's assistant?F
What is Celia' nickname for Mike?G
Which restaurant do Mike and Celia go to for a date?H
What Pixar film is being released in 2015?I
Where does the first World Grand Prix race take place in Cars 2?J
Who owns the dream house in Toy Story 3?K
Who is the villain in Toy Story 3?L
What is Boo's real name?M
What number is Lightning McQueen?N
How old is Crush?O
What is the Incredibles' fake last name?P
Who does Phyllis Diller voice in a bug's life?Q
In what does Wall-e find the plant?R
Who runs the Cozy Cone motel?S
Name one twin from Monsters University.T
What Pixar film involved an old man, a wilderness explorer, a talking dog, and a LOT of balloons?U
Who is the oldest sibling in the Incredibles' family?V
Who keeps losing their squeaker during the Toy Story series?W
Who appeared as a member of Buzz Lightyear's Starcommand crew?X
What color is Luigi in Cars?Y
Who is the archenemy of Buzz Lightyear?Z

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