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Can you answer these Nancy Drew Trivia questions from all 31 games?

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What is Katie's last name?Danger on Deception Island
Who made the carousel horses?The Haunted Carousel
Name one task that you have to do as a maid or cook.The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
Who are you playing as when you make burgers?Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
What is the name of the woman who turns out to be the banshee?The Haunting of Castle Malloy
Which of Nancy's friends knows Henry Bolet?Legend of the Crystal Skull
How many characters can you play as?Alibi in Ashes
Which necklace does Big Island Mike have Nancy make him before she can get the key to her rental car?The Creature of Kapu Cave
What game is Dwayne Powers originally from?No cheating!
How many demerits do you get for entering a locked classroom?Warnings at Waverly Academy
There is a book sitting on Aunt Eloise's shelf, new to this version of the game. What is it full of?Secrets Can Kill: REMASTERED
What town does this game take place in?Secret of the Old Clock
Which famous magician performed in the Royal Palladium Theatre?The Final Scene
What color is Marie Antoinette's rose?Treasure in a Royal Tower
Who is kidnapped?Ransom of the Seven Ships
An 'easter egg' character is introduced into this game. What's his name?Secret of the Scarlet Hand
What is 'VERY OFF LIMITS' according to the show's producer?The Shattered Medallion
Which Nancy Drew game was retired on August 1, 2010?No cheating!
Where does this game take place?The Silent Spy
What is the name of the parrot?Curse of Blackmoor Manor
A familiar character is available to call in this game. What's her name?Tomb of the Lost Queen
What is Miss Applegate's first name?Message in a Haunted Mansion
What object does the phantom steal from Nancy?The Phantom of Venice
What kind of cookies does J.J. Ling make?Danger by Design
How much is that expensive box in the store?Trail of the Twister
Name one character you can call to get hints in this game.Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
Who sends you that charming giant sudoku puzzle?Shadow at the Water's Edge
Who works the night shift?The Deadly Device
Who does Nancy have a huge fight with that is later resolved with some help from Frank Hardy?The Captive Curse
What flower is on the cake you bake for Tex?Secret of Shadow Ranch
Who does Niobi play in the production?Labyrinth of Lies

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