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Do You Really Know Your Disney Facts?!?!?!

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Forced Order
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What is the bird from Up's name
Evil bear from Brave
What quote triggers flying in Peter Pan (words in order)
Peter Pan 
Who is Lilo's role model
Lilo and Stitch 
What is the setting for Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast 
What did Aladdin steal from the marketplace
What is Jane's last name
What did King Louie ask Mowgli to teach him
Jungle Book 
Which hand is Captain Hook's hook on
Peter Pan 
How many eggs does Gaston eat for breakfast(by the dozen)
Beauty and the Beast 
What is Boo's real name
Monsters Inc. 
Which came first for Pirates of the Caribbean? The disney ride or the movie
What are the three mountains in Magic Kingdom(alphabetical order)
How many resorts are there in Walt Disney World
What does EPCOT stand for
Which park is Walt Disney World's largest park
Which two princesses are the only ones to have siblings
Which Disney princess has the largest eyes
What was Mickey Mouse's original name supposed to be
Who wrote the music for the Little Mermaid

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