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ClueName of Character
Longest serving character
Longest serving female character
Trapped inside the Kabin when the Tram Crashed
Former Bigamist, owns the bookies
Shares same name as actress, works behind the bar
Newspapers campaigned to have her released from jail
Four husbands, last one drowned
Likes blunt objects, espically if you can whack people over the head with them
Just handed over her buisness to her grandson
Forced young ex wife to have an abortion and tell everyone she misscaried, owns the bistro
Fathered love child to his former best friend and colleuges late wife
Recovered from cancer, gave ex husband back the money he gave to her to surport his love child
Fathered Tracy Barlows daughter Amy, found out when he married Karen for the second time
Quite dumb, wannabe model
Ran his best friend over, pretended to be his dead step-dad to freak his long suffering mum out
Likes fake tan and Sian Powers, just come back from travelling
Loud mouth chatterbox who works in the kabin
Recently fell from the church roof after getting drunk and expelled from collage
Owns the Cafe, mum Sylvie recently arrived
Abandoned by her mum at a young age, arrived in 1997 with her rough and common family.
Born Harold, works in the cafe with her husband
Wife died in the tram crash
Recently reunited with wife and his twins
Stole money from ex boyfriend to fix her roof
After her husband died she was left with a son who shares the name of his late dad
Sung Sex is on Fire for a spoof of the X Factor
ClueName of Character
Builder currently in a relationship with ditzy Rosie Webster
Kidnapped by mad Maya Sharma, got looted by Becky McDonald
Married to accidental killer, gave birth during the tram crash
Mum died of cancer so reunited with his dad
Sperm doner to pal Violet Wilson, reuinited with son in London
Moved in with teenage lover Katy recently
Rescued enemy Chris when the Joinery exploded
Wears her name around her neck, bought her sisters son
Fiesty underworld owner who had a battle with the bottle
Former teacher who lost his job for sleeping with and later kidnapping Rosie Webster
Barmaid who's dad drowned in an insurance scam
Married to save his girlfriends best friend from deportation
First arrived as Kirks Girlfriend, discovered to be Eileen's stepsister
She recently adopted young girl Faye, works in the cafe
Got kicked out of the army after abusing a police officer
Lives in a Campervan, fancies Kabin worker Norris Cole
Reluctant at first to admit love for her best friend but came around in the end, newcommer Tommy as recently set his sights on her
Best friend of Audrey, works in her own Salon
Her friendship with Leanne withered when there sons went head to head
Wheelchair bound girlfriend of Gary Windass, works at Underworld
Controling dad of his two daughters
Beat his Ex-wife up, currently in a relationship with Maria Connor
Want's to start a family despite her young years
Troublesome money loving stepsister of Becky McDonald
Accused of raping Maria Connor, got no punishment after Carla Connor backed him up
Girl from China who married to stay in the country

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