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Forced Order
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Nodding your head, don't hear a word I said, can't communicate, when you wait, don't relate
It's fun to run, It's fun to play, It's fun to make things out of clay
Wake up the members of my nation its your time to be, Not a fantasy just remember me
Cause you just don't, don't deserve happy ever after
You're gonna love me, You're gonna tell me that you're ready to go
If it was raining you would yell at the sun, Pick up the pieces when the damage is done
Look at me boy cause I got you where I want you, isn't it so exciting
I might not dance like MJ RIP, But I will give the best of me
Every treat from yellow to blue, Red and green so let's all sing
But I know we can make it, As long as you say it
All the things that we want to do, Never gonna let go of you
True love doesn't cost a thing, and if you try to buy it you can't return it
Yeah I know you are blessed, But there's something you're missing yeah
And you don't know where you are now, or what it would come to if only somebody could hear
Should I give him a smile, Should I get up and leave
Oh baby give me one more chance to show you I love you, Won't you please let me back in your heart

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