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QUIZ: Can you name the Victorious characters from the quotes?

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Forced Order
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I write what I feel.
I'm not gonna sit here and watch you guys spin clockwise.
I apologize for..her....
Play that funky music white girl.
Talent has nothing to do with being famous.
That is so not tight.
I think you and Rex need couples counciling.
You see the bird too, right?
Can I offer you some Raisin Bran?
I've devoted my life to help teens...There go the legs!
And I do believe that is the sweet smell of my burning flesh.
Apples are falling out of my butt.
A litter box that plays classical music!
Why are you right side up?
What's wrong with weird and disturbing?
My dad's a cop.
No dot gov, yes dot com!
And you really wanted a date to the prom last year but you didn't get one.
We're clapping because its over!

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