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Walt Disney played the title character as a teenager in a school play
First animated film to be nominated at the Academy Awards for best picture
First Disney film to be directed by a woman
Beyonce refused to audition for the main character's role, believing that it should simply be offered to her
The storm scene (which is ten minutes long) took the animators a year to complete
The title character's face was modeled after Tom Cruise
Walt Disney first came up with the idea of this film at age 15
The clowns in this movie going to their boss for a raise symbolize animators going to Disney for a raise
Walt Disney thought the title character to be 'cold' and 'unlikeable'
Title character only has 18 whole lines
This film contains Walt Disney's favorite piece of animation
To get the characters in the movies facial expressions correct, they merged the animal (which the title character is) with the facial expressions of a human baby
The last film Walt Disney personally supervised

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