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Forced Order
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Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes and find the box that's gay and CRUSH IT!
And we fight the oppression/By being nice to everyone
Oh wow! Norway! Land of gnomes and trolls!
I'm gonna take you back to biblical times, 1823
A special girl/Who makes my heart kinda flutter/Makes my eyes kinda blur
I just told a lie/No, I didn't lie/I just used my imagination
What did Jesus do when they put nails in his hands?/Did he scream like a girl?
It has so many awesome parts/You simply won't believe how much this book will change your life
A warlord who shoots people in the face/What's so scary about that?
You think that's bad?/I broke rule 72/I left my companion/I'm way worse than you
The only day that matters is tomorrow
If you don't like what we say/Try living here a couple days
We are the sunrise on the Savannah/A monkey with a banana
You were right mama, you didn't lie/The place is real and now I'm gonna fly
Sleep now little buddy/Put your cares away
I'll do something incredible that blows God's freaking mind!

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