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Summons an objectCharm
Starts a fireSpell
Enlarges an itemCharm
Stops any current spellsSpell
Renders target immobileCharm
Tortures opponentCurse
Controls a personCurse
Erases ghost images of spells from a wandSpell
Creates bandagesSpell
Erases memoriesCharm
Sheilds othersCharm
Opens locked objectsCharm
Wand acts like a compassCharm
Takes away light from wand tipSpell
Returns items to original sizeSpell
Used to drive away dementorsCharm
Revealas a wands last spellSpell
Releases user from bindingSpell
Used to confuse opponentCharm
Slows an advancing objectCharm
Result when brother wands duelSpell
Turns small objects into birdsCharm
Produces boils on opponentCurse
Makes an object repel waterCharm
Counters voice amplifier spellSpell
Counters spell that knocks out opponentSpell
Reveals invisible inkSpell
Opens ''One eyed witch'' humpSpell
Conjures a bunch of flowersSpell
Conjures the Dark MarkSpell
Enlarges teethSpell
Blasts solid objects asideSpell
Disarms your opponentCharm
Repairs thingsSpell
Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victimSpell
Damages opponent's eyesightCurse
Tickles opponentCharm
Knocks an object backwardsJinx
Use this spell and laugh to defeat a boggartSpell
Moves objects with wandCharm
Murders opponentCurse
Destroys ectoplasm (remains of ghosts)Charm
Splits seamsSpell
Hides a secret within someoneCharm
Lockhart's Werewolf 'cure'Charm
Produces snakeSpell
Forces opponent to danceSpell
Launches birds from your wandSpell
Locks opponents legsCurse
Unsticks an objectSpell
Amplifies voiceSpell
Makes an object flyCharm
Knocks out opponentSpell
Moves unconscious bodiesSpell
Creates light at wand tipSpell

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