Tangled Prologue

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BeginningMissing WordsNumber of Words
This is the story of __________3
Don't worry this is actually __________4
And the truth is __________4
This is __________7
And it starts __________3
Now, once upon a time __________9
And from this small drop of sun __________5
It had the ability to __________5
Oh, you see that old woman over there __________10
Well, centuries passed __________9
There grew a kingdom __________4
By a __________4
And the queen well __________7
But she got sick __________2
She was running out of time __________6
Start to __________4
Or in this case __________4
Ahh, I told you __________3
You see, instead of __________4
This woman __________2
hoarded its healing power __________11
And all she had to do was __________4
'Flower gleam and glow __________4
'Make the clock reverse __________10
BeginningMissing WordsNumber of Words
All right you get the gist __________4
She turns young __________2
The magic of the golden flower __________3
A healthy baby girl, a princess __________6
I'll give you a hint __________2
To celebrate her birth __________4
Launched a __________5
And for that one moment __________3
And then __________3
Gothel broke into the castle __________3
And just like that __________1
The kingdom searched and searched __________7
For deep within the forest __________4
Gothel raised the child __________3
Gothel had found her __________3
But this time __________7
Why can't i __________?2
The outside world is a __________2
Filled with __________3
You must stay here __________3
Do you understand Flower? __________2
But the walls of that tower __________4
Each year on her birthday __________11
In hope that one day __________5

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