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What is the size of Cinderella's glass slipper??
What is the name of Maleficent's pet raven??
In Frozen,how many brother does Hans have??
What fictional country does Prince Naveen come from??
How many years does Genie trapped in the lamp??
What alias does Ursulase when she become human?
In 'Sword in the Stone',what is the name of Merlin's pet owl?
Which Disney Princess makes a brief cameo in 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'??
The Disney Princess which is left-handed.
In 'Alice in Wonderland' what is the time on White Rabbit's pocket watch??
Which Disney Princess has the fewest number of lines??
Aladdin's face was modeled after??
The first Disney Princess who has a magical power??
What is the color of Snow White's hairbow when she sings the song 'I'm Wishing'??
In which country does Mulan live??
What is the name of Jasmine's pet tiger?
What gift does Flora bestow on Princess Aurora?
What year does The Little Mermaid released theatrically??
Which two Disney Characters did Eleanor Audley voice??
What is the name of Pocahontas's best friend on her tribe
Finish the lyrics:'Flower gleam and glow'....
What is the name of Mulan's dog??
What Disney Princess movie takes place in the United States??
What song from Cinderella was Academy Award-nominated??
.Finish the quote:'Our fate lives within us.You only have to be...
What is the name of Merida's horse??
Finish the lyrics:'I'm like a shooting star...
What is Pocahontas's father's name
What is the name of Mulan's mother?
What is the name of Mulan's father?
Which dwarf steals extra kisses from Snow White??
Who said:'I am not a prize to be won'..

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