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RiddleName of PrincessExtra (Spoiler Alert!)
She is the princess stand for their own; Speak the secret through a piece of stone.
She is gifted with power but also a curse; Only by true love can make a reverse.
Despite she is barely a princess; She had a life that is the most princess.
She is the daughter of royal and bright; Dream of a world which full of light.
She is the leader of her people; And she coronated with crown of petal.
She lived in the north of the geographical; Sib of the one who was gifted with magical.
She is the other half of the new great prince; Who win a battle and gain her love ever since.
She lived a life far from a palace; The best symbol of her is a Malus.
She is kind and gentle with a heart of goodness; Always has a faith in her dream of happiness.
She is a princess, forced to be a bride; Find her true love in someone aside.
She is a noble, fierce and free-spirited soul; The wind and the wild can make her whole.
She is the one who looked for a swift; Be a perfect bride is her perfect gift.
She is the smartest of them all; Living a life that had a deep, deep fall.
She is a tiny flaw but also a sweetheart; Getting around with her own special cart.
RiddleName of PrincessExtra (Spoiler Alert!)
She is blessed with beauty and voice; Lost and found makes the kingdom rejoice.
She dreamed for a place where she can freely dance; Stay all day in there and find her romance.
She is a princess not very well known; Live in the land where children never grown.
She is a princess who's not a princess; Fight with destiny with a lucky insect.
She is a princess who trapped and lost in a castle; Bargain with the witch and fight for a special vessel.
She is a princess who have been named well; Sib of the one whose voice like bell.
Stuck in the castle, and trapped in the time; found and rescued by the man of crime.
She is the queen of a majestic place; Find her lost love through a special chase.
She is dreamy and gorgeous from the outside; Who can also see the beauty from the inside.
She is brought up by two carefree guide; Her love can link the two rival pride.
She comes from a place where different from the rest; Yet by the perfect fit she'd proved she's the best.
She engaged with a charm in her search for a switch; Restored her fate of pride with the touch of a stitch.
She is the heir of the mixing; Called by the name of the singing.

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