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Can you name the movie based on the roles the actors played in movies geeks love?

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Forced Order
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Lois Lane wins a date with Captain William Lennox, but ends up falling for Carnage.
Nite Owl meets Kitty Pryde under false pretenses. Then she tortures him.
Columbus Ohio creates a new website with help of Spiderman.
Mr. Furious has a date to the prom with Lenore Case but things go awry when Mr. Furious gets his 'you know what' stuck in his zipper.
The Green Hornet, Betty Brant, Randal and Jay make an adult film. Also, the actual movie is directed by Silent Bob and Superman has a small part.
Every time the Joker passes through a mirror he becomes a different person. One of the times, he becomes Jack Sparrow.
The Riddler takes in some flightless birds and wins over his ex-wife Sally Jupiter
Two-Face is a spokesman for big tobacco. His main opponent is the Shoveler. He also has an affair with Rachel Dawes.
Rorschach terrorizes teenagers in their dreams.
Scotty gets a job in the USA working at a magazine. His boss is Obadiah Stane. His co-worker is Stryker. He interviews Lilah, whose manager is Agent Scully. He falls for MJ Watson.
Frodo Baggins discovers a comet that will destroy the world, so President Lucius Fox sends a team to destroy it.
Commisioner Gordon and his crew hijack President Indiana Jones's Plane.
Anakin Skywalker can leap from one place to another. Nick Fury tries to catch him.
Agent Mulder is shooting a pilot but Ripley keeps messing things up. Mr. Fantastic is in their somewhere.

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