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Can you name the movie by what someone in the theater might yell at the screen?

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Somebody guard the dog! He's scoring all of their points!
He is dead you idiots! Quit draging him around!
Check out the giant blue wang!
Why don't they just use the other Delorean?!
Oh no, it's gonna sink!
How can he be John's Father if John sent him from the future?! This makes no sense!
The trailer made it look like the kangaroo could talk! Ripoff!
He was a ghost the whole time!
Somebody tell Woody and Wesley to play some defense?
Those jive talking robots are racist!
He jumped into the poop! Hilarious!
The bad guy has blown up two buildings and stabbed a guy in the heart! Why is no one calling the police?!
Why would he jump out of a plane without a parachute when he could have called for backup?!
Eww! It's hanging from his ear! Now she is putting in her hair! Gross!
I am never eating apple pie again!
When is Superman going to do something?! This movie is boring!

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