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Can you name the My Little Pony season 7 episode from its summary?

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An avalanche falls an Yakyakistan, and Pinkie tries to convince Prince Rutherford and the proud yaks to ask the ponies for help.
Starlight and Trixie try to get Thorax's brother Pharynx to accept the changelings' new way of sharing love.
Starlight and Trixie accidentally make the Cutie Map disappear while the Mane 6 are on a friendship retreat.
Sunburst discovers Star Swirl's lost journal, and Twilight becomes obsessed with saving him from a thousand-year-old prison.
When Spike accidentally invites Ember and Thorax to Ponyville on the same day, he believes they won't get along and tries to keep them apart.
When Twilight publishes her and her friends' friendship journal, it has unintended consequences when ponies start to argue over who wrote the best lessons.
Fluttershy tries to stand up for her ideas in order to realize her dream of building an animal sanctuary.
Starlight is sent by the Map to solve a friendship problem between Celestia and Luna, which she attempts to do by impulsively switching their cutie marks.
Rarity attempts to spend quality time with Sweetie Belle, unaware that she's not a little filly anymore.
Twilight and her family's cruise vacation is actually a themed vacation where ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with her.
Starlight gets a visit from Sunburst and discovers he has a lot in common with her friends, causing her to wonder if he still has anything in common with her.
Rarity's shampoo is accidentally switched with Zecora's magical remover potion, and she must fix her devastated mane in time for an upcoming photo shoot.
Discord invites Fluttershy to his realm for tea, but he worries she won't be comfortable there and begins to change it -- and himself.
Rainbow and Pinkie go on a mission to find out if A. K. Yearling is retiring from writing books.
Zecora comes down with Swamp Fever, a disease for which no cure has been discovered, and Fluttershy makes it her mission to heal her.
Rainbow's parents discover she's a Wonderbolt and start showing up at every event to cheer her on.
Maud considers moving to Ponyville after graduating from geology school, and Pinkie tries to help her see that the town has more to offer than just rocks.
Star Swirl and the other Pillars are back from limbo, and Twilight and her friends must work with them to defeat the Pony of Shadows.
Twilight agonizes over Starlight's future and seeks advice from Princess Celestia.
Pinkie thinks she sees Rainbow throw one of her pies away and suspects that Rainbow secretly hates her pies, so she attempts to catch Rainbow in her web of lies.
Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow tell the CMCs about their favorite legends after their camping trip is ruined by Fly-ders.
The CMCs start a Cutie Mark Day Camp only to find out that one of their campers doesn't want a cutie mark.
Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Big Mac learn about their parents' love story and discover that they are half-Pear.
When Big Mac develops his first crush on Sugar Belle, the CMCs try to help him win her heart before rivaling stallion Feather Bangs does.
When Rarity asks Applejack to be a judge in a fashion show, Applejack learns that an opinion, however honest, can still be brutal.
Twilight agrees to babysit her niece Flurry Heart despite already having a very busy schedule.
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