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Can you name the weapon systems in use with the US military?

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InfoWeapon System
5.56x45 Designated Marksman Rifle
5.56x45 Marine Designated Marksman Rifle
7.62x51 Designated Marksman Rifle
5.56x45 Infantry Carbine
5.56x45 Infantry Rifle
HK Designed 5.56x45 Infantry Carbine
5.56x45 Short/CQB Carbine
5.56x45 Marine Ultralight Machine Gun
40mm Underbarrel Launcher
7.62x51 Semi Automatic Sniper Platform
InfoWeapon System
7.62x51 Bolt Action Sniper Platform
12.7x99 Semi Automatic Sniper Platform
7.62x51 GPMG
5.56x45 LMG
9mm Standard Issue Handgun
.45 MEU Issue Handgun
.45 NSW Issue Handgun
.45 NSW Prototype Handgun/Offensive Weapon System
4.6x30 NSW Issue Submachine Gun
9mm Old School SMG

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