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Lt. Col. Nathaniel Burwell's alma mater was
Blue Ridge Hunt was founded
Lord Fairfax's home was
First master of the Blue Ridge Hunt
Carter Hall was built in
Old Chapel was built in
Before he moved to Clarke County Nathaniel Burwell lived in
People began to move from the tidewater region to Clarke because of
the largest civil war engagement in Clarke County was
George Washington first entered Clarke County in
the Josephine School reopened as a museum in
one of the 2 newpapers published by African Americans in Clarke County was
the nickname for the 2nd Virginia Regiment during the Civil War was
Berryville was founded in
The last public execution in Clarke County took place in
The oldest log church in the county is
Fox hunting was introduced to Clarke County by
The fist winner of the triple crown, Sir Barton, retired to stud at
The first Sheriff of Clarke County was
The first Clarke County fair was held in
The largest flood in Clarke County history was in

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