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Can you name the information about NCIS?

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Who was Gibbs' Boss?
Who did Gibbs go undercover with in Paris?
Who did Ari kill?
Who killed Ari?
Who only appeared in JAG episodes but not the rest of the series?
What is McGee's nickname?
Where did Tony go to college?
How many ex-wives did Gibbs have?
Who was the first director of NCIS?
Who was Tony's undercover girlfriend?
Who was her father?
Where was tony left in a hotel for 2 days?
Dinozzo caught what deadly bacteria?
Rule #9?
Rule #12?
What is Gibbs building in his basement?
What does abby sleep in?
What women does Gibbs like?
Who is also an author?
What book did he publish?
Who is Ducky's assistant?
Who is the current Director?
Who is Gibbs friend that works for the FBI?
Gibbs first wife?
Gibbs daughter?
What city did tony work in before NCIS?
What group did Ziva used to belong to in Israel?
What was Tony's alias?
Tony was offered a lead position where?
McGee's Pen name?
What did McGee work as in the summer between his freshman and sophmore year?
Who usually gets slapped on the back of the head?
By who?
How long has tony worked with gibbs?
Which season do we first see Ziva?
Who is Ziva's father?
When season did Ziva actually become an NCIS agent?
Town where Gibbs grew up?

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