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The General, a horse, and a pair of Italian Wolfhounds 1841-1845
Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Canaries and mockingbirds and Japanese poodle Hector.1885-1889 and 1893-1897
Bleistein, favorite horse: Renown, Roswell, Rusty, Jocko, Root, Grey, Dawn, Wyoming, and Yangenka, were all horses. General and Judge, were carriage horses,Pete,bull terrier1901-1909
Mss Beazley, Scottish Terrier Spot, dog Barney, Scottish Terrier India, cat Ofelia, Longhorn2001-2008
Old Whitey, a wartime mount and Also a shortlived canary that they called Johnny Ty 1849-1850
Kit,mare and a dog named Veto.1881-1885
Laddie Boy, an Airedale,also had Old Boy, an English Bulldog and there were Canaries.1921-1923
Checkers,dog and Vicky, the Poodle,Pasha, Terrier and King Timahoe, an Irish Setter1969-1974
Jeff Davis, wartime mount, Cincinnatus, saddle horse, Egypt and St. Louis, carriage horses,Julia, a racing horse, Reb and Billy Button, 1869-1877
Pauline Wayne, last cow at the White House1909-1913
Grits, dog and Misty Malarky Ying Yang,Siamese cat1977-1981
Billy goat and a new Durham cow for the White House.1841
A herd of Elephants from the King of Siam and a pair of Bald Eagles, and a Newfoundland named Lara.1857-1861
Most famous and beloved was the white collie, purchased from Thomas and Olive shover who owned 'Shomont White Collies'. They also entertained and cared for: Peter Pan, a Terrier, P1923-1929
Heidi, Weimaraner dog1953-1961
Green parrot1809-1817
A Pig, Their beloved childhood pet, Fido, and Ponies. A white rabbit and Nanny and Nanko1861-1865
Feller, the unwanted dog Mike, Irish Setter1945-1953
Samson, Steady, Leonidas, Traveller, Magnolia and other stallions. Nelson and Blueskin, horses used during the Revolution, and a Horse.Braddock. Drunkard, Mopsey, Taster, Cloe, Tip1789-1797
Pedigreed Jersey cows, the first Siamese Kitten to reach America, Hector and Nellie, Shepherd dogs, one goat, four canaries, two hunting pups, and one spaniel type dog named Duke. 1877-1881
Favorite Horse, Cleopatra. He built the first White House Stables and had Juno and Satan, Abigails two dogs.1797-1801
Mockingbird and two Briards, a gift from General Lafayette.1801-1809
An Alligator and Silkworms1825-1829
Sam Patches, his wartime mount, and Emily, Lady Nashville and Bolivia, racing fillies. Truxton,a champion race horse and other ponies.1829-1837
A pair of Tiger cubs given to him by the Sultan of Oman which Congress bade him to send to the zoo. 1837-1841
Dogs and Old Whiskers, the billy goat belonging to grandchildren1889-1893
Mexican double-yellow-headed parrot1897-1901
King Tut, police dog, Big Ben and Sonnie, Fox Terriers.Glen, Scotch Collie, Yukon, Eskimo dog, Patrick, Wolfhound, Eaglehurst Gillette, Setter Weejie, an Elkhound, and Pat,1929-1933
Old Ike, the tobacco-chewing ram and Sheep1913-1921
Charlie, Welsh terrier Tom Kitten, a cat and Robin, a canary. Bluebell and Marybelle, parakeets and Macaroni, pony. Tex and Leprechaun, ponies, and Debbie and Billie, hamsters.1961-1963
Beagle and Little Beagle and Him and Her, also beagles. Blanco, a white Collie and the famous Yuki, mongrel dog. There were also Hamsters and lovebirds1963-1969
Major, German Shepherd, Meggie, Scotch Terrier, Winks, Llewellyn Setter, Tiny, English Sheepdog, President, Great Dane, and his faithful and loyal famous companion, Fala, the Scott1933-1945
Liberty, Golden Retriever who had a litter of pups while at the White House, and there was also Shan,Siamese cat.1974-1977
Lucky, Bouvier des Flandres who had natural ears and was sent to the ranch as she grew too big, and who was replaced by Rex, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Also: dogs and horses1981-1989
Millie, Springer Spaniel and Ranger, one of puppies1989-1993
Socks the cat who did not get along with Buddy, the chocolate Labrador Retriever .1993-2001

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