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What is a model of the church that focuses on evangelizing?
Who instituted the church?
What does messiah mean?
Who did Jesus give the keys of the kingdom to?
How many days after Jesus' resurrection is Pentecost
During what Jewish holiday did Jesus institute the Eucharist?
What city was the heart of Gentile culture?
Which deacon preached to Samaritans?
Who was the first martyr?
What is an uncircumcised Gentile who believes in God?
Where was the first place the word Christian was used?
How did Saint Paul die?
What does the word deacon mean?
Who was the first Pope?
Where did Saint Paul have his conversion?
When was the temple destroyed?
When was the first gospel written?
Who were the governors who kept Paul under house arrest?
How did Saint Peter die?
Who is someone that renounces their faith in the face in persecution?
What is the supreme council of the Jews?
What city was Saul/Paul born?
Paul's profession
Who helped Paul establish a community in Antioch?
What is it called when church leadership shares in the decision making process under the direction of the Holy Spirit?
Who was the first baptized Gentile?
Who were the original members of the Church?
What happened to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane?
This means 'separated one'?
Who are the two Church leaders who stood up for the Gentiles at the Council of Jerusalem?
What continent is a Dingo from?
How were early Christians baptized?
What does catholic mean?
Who was beheaded in the 50's?
The word church means?

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