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In what European country may polar bears be found?Don't think about Spain or France.
What's the biggest country on the Balkan Peninsula?It's not Turkey...
How many people are there in Europe (in millions)?It's somewhere between 730 and 750.
Which is the most forested European country?It's a Nordic country.
What's the largest country on the Scandinavian Peninsula?They hosted Eurovision in 2013.
What is the most populous country in Europe?Entirely in Europe!
Who's the president of the European Comission?He's Portuguese.
In what country was the Statue of Liberty constructed?It's a big one (kind of).
How many countries formed the European Union?At the beginning (1957).
How many peninsulas of significant size are there in Europe?I've ran out of good hints...
What is the only European city to be on both Europe and Asia?It's also the most populous in Europe.
What is the highest capital city in Europe?Think about the most famous ones.
What country has the highest life expectancy?It's the second smallest by area there.
What was the last country to join the EU?That was in 2013.
How many countries have English as an official language?The answer is a three-letter word.
What's the longest river in Europe?It's not Danube.
Which country borders the most other European countries?They're 9.
How many countries are there in Europe?They're nearly 50.
Which city is said to be the oldest in Europe?It's in Greece.
In what European city is the largest university by area situated?Not the Sorbonne or Cambridge.

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