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HintAnswerExtra info
Most spoken language in the world by natives
Official language in 20 countries
Most learned/studied second language
Most spoken Slavic language
Official in most Muslim countries
Considered to be partially mutually intelligible with Spanish
Germanic language with a great influence on English
Known for its predominate use of nasal vowels
Native language of singer PSY
Romance language with gemination and distinctive consonant length
Slavic language with complicated consonant system and 2 nasal vowels
Close to Russian in terms of grammar, but not in vocabulary
This language's alphabet influenced the Cyrillic script
HintAnswerExtra info
The daughter language of this one is Afrikaans
Has no connection to most other European languages
Has a distinctive pitch accent, Germanic language
Known for the absence of vowels in many words
Official language of the Faroe Islands
Native language of Edvard Munch, painter of 'The Scream'
Has 52 letters in its alphabet (Devanagari)
It belongs to a Nordic county but is unlike any of the other languages there
Most widely spoken constructed language
Germanic language with no more than 330 thousand native speakers
The language is known as 'Ivrit' by natives
Asiatic language with plenty of words borrowed from English

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