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What is the last word spoken in the series?
Toby's ex-wife, Congresswoman Andy Wyatt, represents which state in the House?
What is CJ's goldfish called?
Which was the final state to declare their result in the Santos/Vinick race, and thus decide the election?
Abdul Shareef was the Defense Minister of which (fictional) country?
Where did President Bartlet receive his Ph.D in Economics?
What is the campaign slogan the Santos team accuse the Vinick campaign of stealing from them? (Hint: think Obama!)
What is Zoey Bartlet's Secret Service codename?
What is the name of Charlie's replacement as President Bartlet's bodyman?
Will Bailey laters goes on to become a Congressman representing which state?
What is the first name of Admiral Fitzwallace?
Which baseball team is Josh a fan of?
The Republican governor who Bartlet defeats to win his second term is called?
What is the name of the Senator who conducts a lengthy filibuster in a season 2 episode?
What is the name of the nuclear power plant which almosts melts down during the Santos/Vinick race?
How many Electoral College votes did Matt Santos win?
At which university did CJ earn her Masters degree?
Which Cabinet post did Leo hold prior to the Bartlet administration?
The Democratic National Convention, where Santos seals the nomination, was set in which city?
Which international newspaper does Oliver Babish claim to read?
What is the first name of Secret Service Agent O'Connor who is shot and killed during Zoey's abduction?
Leo is referred to by what name, by Lord John Marbury?
CJ Cregg's Secret Service codename, which she hates, is?
What is the dismissive nickname of Vice President Russell?
Matt Santos was previously the mayor of which city?

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