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Do you know everything about the Seattle Grace doctors?

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What is Meredith Grey's mother's first name?Easy
Which of the original 5 interns is the first to leave/die?Easy
Who does Derek date in season four?Easy
What is Richard's wife's name?Easy
Who dies in the plane crash?Easy
Who is the shooter in season 6?Easy
Who does Cristina almost marry in season 3?Easy
What hospital does Seattle Grace merge with?Easy
Who does Alex marry, who gets cancer?Easy
Who is the first woman that Callie Torres dates?Easy
How many kids does Meredith have before season 12?Easy
Which parent do Meredith and Maggie share?Easy
Which doctor is related to an award foundationEasy
Which patient proposes to Izzie in season 2?Easy
How many sisters does Derek haveEasy
What do April and Jackson name their first son?Medium
Who threw up during their boards?Medium
What is on Derek's scrub cap?Medium
Who is Arizona Robbin's mentor in season 11Medium
Who is the bartender across the street from the hospital?Medium
What does Ellis Grey die of?Medium
Who was Lexie's resident?Medium
Where does Derek work on brain mapping?Medium
What is the name of the organ donation system?Medium
How many episodes are in the first season?Medium
How do Meredith and Derek get married?Hard
What color is Meredith's phone case?Hard
Which actress plays Derek?Hard
What organ does Meredith lose during her C-Section?Hard
What is Arizona named after?Hard
Why was Maggie upset at the end of season 11?Hard
Which two doctors go to AA?Hard
Who gives money for Bailey's clinic?Hard
Where did Derek live before moving to Seattle?Hard
What color shoes are in the theme song?Hard

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