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Can you name the the protein (in grams) of common foods?

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Food (portion size given in parentheses)Protein Content (in grams) per Portion SAdditional Information
Egg (50g)
Cheese (in sandwich, 45g)
Flapjack (60g)
Brown Bread (slice, 36g)
White Bread (slice, 36g)
Wholemeal Bread (slice, 36g)
Bread rolls (45g)
Cornflakes (30g, dry)
Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuit (18g)
Doughnut (75g)
Fruit crumble (170g)
Cheese & Tomato Pizza 7'' (116g)
1 slice of 7'' C&T Pizza (~30g)
Semi-Skimmed Milk (25g)
Whole Milk (25g)
Cheese Slice (20g)
Yoghurt (125g)
Custard (120g)
Butter (10g per slice of bread)
Polyunsaturated spread (7g per slice)
Olive oil (11g. one tablespoon)
Bacon (''1 portion average'')
Beef (90g, with fat)
Beef (90g, lean)
Chicken breast (130g)
Pork/beef sausage (30g)
Tuna (45g, in oil)
Tuna (45g, in brine)
Food (portion size given in parentheses)Protein Content (in grams) per Portion SAdditional Information
New potato (boiled, 40g)
Jacket Potato (180g)
Roast Potato (85g)
Beer/Lager/Bitter (568 mls/one pint)
Rice (boiled), average (180g)
Rice (boiled), large (290g)
Pasta (cooked), average (220g)
Pasta (cooked), large (270g)
Mayonnaise (one level tablespoon, 15g)5 tablespoons equates to 1g protein
Mayonnaise (reduced fat), 15g5 tablespoons equates to 1g protein
Crisps (40g)
Cola Drink (330mls)
Mars Bar (65g)
Dairy Milk (54g)
Peanuts (10 nuts, 13g)
Orange Juice (160mls)
Chips (oven, 165g)
Retail Chips, (chips from t'chippy, 210g)
Apple (medium without core, 100g)
Banana (medium without skin, 100g)
Orange, (without skin, 160g)
Sweetcorn (30g, 1 tablespoon)
Tomato (medium, 85g)
Broccoli, boiled, (45g, 1 spear)
Carrots, boiled, (60g)
Peas, (70g)
Baked Beans, (in tomato sauce, 135g)
'Light' Polyunsaturated Spread (7g)

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