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Can you name the The 80 Hottest Women of the '80s

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People's princess
B movie favourite and star of Howling 2
Hit me with this rock stars
Jamaican born tweed wearing playmate
May the force be with her
Cherry Pie Miss Louisiana
Towel wearing Fletch
Here I go Again with another famous BF
Rain Man's Italian girl
The other Jackson girl
Chevy Chase's onscreen wife
Private School Equestrian
MASH nurse who went on to become a desperate housewife
Kid in America who became a gardener
Who's the boss?
Bachelor party anyone?
Wild thing and scandalizer
Replicant and resident madwoman
Touch her page 3 body
Thriller inducing playmate
Bangle frontman
Cry Baby and porn star
Vision Quester
We will love her from 9 to 5
The basket case or maybe the criminal of this club
Buck Rogers' doctor
Singer was For your eyes only
Former angel and beastmaster
Sandy got physical
Got cosy with Gary Hart
Actress Dreams and little dream for Jimmy Reardon
Scarface's siren
Friendly dancer in the dark
Body Double actress
once this actress wasn't a cougar
Back to the future actress
First ever vivid girl
Jenny Craig says cheers
The diva and actress we refer to remember in the 80's
Hugh Hefner's legal wife until 2010
The price is right was an excuse to put her in a bikini
Sloane Peterson. and the game Harley Quinn
Looking for love and then singing about real love
25th anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model
Tom Cruise has his eye on her Risky Business
I love this Runaway rock and roll singer
Wheel of fortune veteran
Only black playmate of the year
Swedish Erotica 57 and Spice Sex circus star
Supergirl herself
I want candy and a topless album cover
Angel Jennifer Marlowe
Oh what a feeling
Heaven is a place on the Go Go's
Lesbian Top Gun actress
Chandler's husky voice father
Assistant assaulting supermodel
Mermaid Replicant
Ollie North's secrets were in her underwear
Bolero Bond girl
If you're nasty
Up all night married with childen
SI model and Guns n roses videogirl
Straight up she's an idol
Gene Simmon's missus
Former Mrs Sambora
Sign O' The Times drummer
Australian Glamazon model
Rejected Miss America
Nerd's perfect creation
Grandmother of punk
The world's first supermodel
Head Of the class' Darlene
Chevy Chases' fantasy model
Mrs Kravitz with an angel heart
Leaving Las Cocktails
Smooth operating Nigerian singer
Alec Baldwin's Batgirl
Never has getting out a pool been so iconic
The pop iconic was created in the 80's

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