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Can you name the Complex's 90 hottest women of the 90's

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Model, Guess Girl and billionaires wife
Actress and comic book villain
Asian Actress
TV actress (the girl from Martin)
TGIF and John Stamos' future TV wife
Curly haired actress
Slaying actress
Miss Louisiana and Up all night host
Blossoms sidekick
Actress from a different world
Half baked actress
Playmate and Hefner's 90's squeeze
Fly girls choreographer
Woody Allen's supporting actress Oscar winner
Criminal song
Before she was desperate she was Lois
Warrior actress
Poetry writing, nation anthem lip-synching singer
Half black half Filipina rapper
Kevin Smith's former muse and squeeze
Actress meets world
Mo better actress
Before she was the bride she was Mrs Wallace
Wayne's Twin Peaks actress
6'1 supernova singer
Pre surgery rapper
Fresh actress of Bel Air
Torn singer
DMX when bananas over this singer and actress
Rock royalties blood in this actress
Pre Smith
A cocooning friend and actress
McConaughey and Pac's Posse actress
Still A list, still America's sweetheart
90210 Playboy favourite
Species actress and model
Agents of streetfighter
Well endowed Italian
Paint her like those French Girls
Pink power ranger
Seinfeld would not be impressed
Bound to bullets over Broadway
Phone throwing supermodel
Roller, boogie girl
We all had her naked on our coffee table
Funny blonde a list actress
The 90's geeks pin up
Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora loved this blonde
More about her Vanity Fair cover than her films
Noxzema Girl
Hollywood's bad girl
Unhappily ever baywatch
Saved by the bad sex scene
Marky Mark's Asian dish
A more naked and bound Angelina Jolie
The definitive 90's girlband
Heathers forever
California's SI girl
Never doubt this punk princess
Her twin peaks made Playboy
America's next bad model
I know what this actress did
Most visible En Vogue member
British bad girl model
She's still A list's hottest superstar
Married with Anchorman
Rkelly's tragic ex wife
Charmed 90's pin up actress
Clueless in conversation, nice in looks
Brooklyn born Oscar winner
Washed up TV host, playboy hit
The R&B voice of the 90's
Tarantino's Latina vampire
Porns biggest star
Wayne's exotic leading lady
You couldnt escape her mole in the 90's
The fresh prince's wife
Hugh Grant preferred the prostitute
Rodman and Navarro's lifeguard
A close friend of the gossip tabloids
Cross and Uncross those legs
Aerosmith's video girl
Oscar winning Spike Lee actress
Saved by 90210
Crazy hip hop icon who spent less time in prison then
The biggest musical range of the 90's
Fly girl did Selena proud
90's ultimate playboy bunny
Are very successful sibling

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