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YearFilmDirected By
1962David Lean.
1979Terry Jones
1948Michael Powell,
1973Nicolas Roeg
1945David Lean
2004Edgar Wright
1948Robert Hamer
1996Danny Boyle
1983Bill Forsyt
1987Bruce Robinson
1971Stanley Kubrick
2005Shane Meadows
1988Terence Davies
1949Carol Reed
1957David Lean
1963Guy Hamilton
2000Stephen Daldry
1973Terry Gilliam
1980John Mackenzie
1946Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
1994Mike Newell
1961Karel Reisz
1940Alfred Hitchcock
2009Duncan Jones
1943Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
1994Danny Boyle
2004Shane Meadows
2006Larry Charles
1969Ken Loach
1955Alexander Mackendrick
1970Nic Roeg, Donald Cammell
1995Ang Lee
1964Cy Endfield
1966Fred Zinneman
YearFilmDirected By
1988Charles Crichton
1968Lindsay Anderson
2002Danny Boyle
2005Neil Marshall
1969Peter Collinson
2002Ken Loach
2010Gareth Edwards
1976Nicolas Roeg
1946David Lean
2000Jonathan Glazer
1947Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
1996Anthony Minghella
1973Robin Hardy
1999Mike Leigh
1959Tony Richardson
2007Edgar Wright
2005Steve Box, Nick Park
1935Alfred Hitchcock
2004Alfonso Cuarón
1971John Schlesinger
1963Tony Richardson
1998John Madden
1998Ken Loach
2008Danny Boyle
1960Michael Powell
1964Richard Lester
1997Peter Cattaneo
1996Mike Leigh
1981Hugh Hudson
1951Charles Crichton
2008Steve McQueen
2008James Marsh
2008Armando Iannucci
1942Alberto Cavalcanti
YearFilmDirected By
1966Michelangelo Antonioni
2006Martin Campbell
2007Anton Corbijn
1951Alexander Mackendrick
2007Joe Wright
1947John Boulting
1998Guy Ritchie
1993Mike Leigh
2011 David Yates
1989Kenneth Branagh
2010Tom Hooper
1939Sam Wood
1962Tony Richardson
1938Alfred Hitchcock
1985James Ivory
1948Laurence Olivier
1963John Schlesinger
1986Roland Joffé
1987John Boorman
1982Richard Attenborough
1970Lionel Jeffries
1958Terence Fisher
1993James Ivory
2010Chris Morris
1985Terry Gilliam
2011Tomas Alfredson
1981Bill Forsyth
1997Gary Oldman
2002Michael Winterbottom
1969Richard Attenborough
1965Sidney J. Furie
1965John Schlesinger

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