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Not present. One who makes books.
No Hair. Stealer.
A type of bird. To steal.
Not safe. Place in castle for torture.
Vacant. Something you put a stamp on.
A type of bird. Cover of a bird.
A type of bird. A color or what rings might be made of.
Full of ghosts. Place of rest by paying.
Not seen, but present. Piece of land surrounded by water.
An animal similar to a cat. Something which is worn or expensive.
To take. A position of royalty.
By chance. Something many people waste money on.
Not present. Egyptians would create this by wrapping the dead with bandages.
After eighth. Chicken __________.
A color or a fruit. Someone who does not belong.
An animal that eats bamboo. Something to solve.
Mud that sucks you in. Interrogators ask this.
To flee. An animal that takes part in races.
Place most kids despise. A scary object found in haunted houses.
Something a loquacious person does. A huge animal which ruled the land at one point.
Stubborn. Referee of a baseball game.
Robert Pattinson. A place of rest.
Blanco. An animal similar to a dog.
Crossed out. A device which shows one's bones.
A color. A specific type of boat.
Left 4 Dead has a lot of these. Any continuous tract or area that differs in some respect.

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