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how many stripes are there on the american flag?
how many bones does a shark have?
how many bones does an adult human have?
who invented the helicopter?
what is the only poisonous monotreme?
name one of the three types of columns
what is the largest desert in the world?
what does SCUBA stand for?
what is the white house's address?
how many pairs of chromosomes does a human have?
what is the capital of mongolia?
what is the only state to have two presidents at the same time?
what country has a one colored flag?
what letter comes after Xi in the greek alphabet?
what do you call someone who makes barrels?
how bad is nicholas cage at acting?
who was the norse god of rainbows?
To what house do susan bones and hannah abbott belong in Harry potter?
what do you call time periods in polo?
how many teeth does a mosquito have?
what do you call a group of walruses?
At what college were frisbees invented?

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