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Name of Oracle
Founder of Rome/First King
Killed Pirates
Trojan Runaway
Son of The Founder of Roman Race
Grandfather of 'Wolf Twins'
Raped in a Dream
Killed by his brother, Romulus
Ethnicity of Women 'kidnapped' by Rome
Betrayed Romans to Sabines
Religious King of Rome
3rd King of Rome; Conquered Alba Longa
Roman Triplets
Alba Longan Triplets
Constructed Pons Sublicius
Killed by son of Predecessor
Killed by Daughter
Killed father for her husband
Last king of Rome
Son of Superbus
Raped by Sextus
First of two Consuls of Rome
First of two Consuls of Rome
Northern Tribes
Tried to restore Superbus to power
Left-handed Assassin
Defended The Pons Sublicius
Hostage who defied Porsenna
Hero who defeated Veii (Etruscans)
Leader of Gaul who defeated Rome at Attia
Farmer/Hero who was dictator
Costly Elephant Victories
Brother of Hannibal
Carthaginian general of ELEPHANTS!
Defeated Hannibal
Greek General who lost Macedonian Wars
Numidian General
5 consecutive terms
Marius Civil War
Pontic King who rebelled many times
Thracian Slave
Wealthiest Man/1st Triumvir
Moved the senate to Greece
Dictator for Life
Great Roman Orator
Favored The People
Favored the Aristocracy
First Emperor
Lost civil war to Augustus
Pontifix Maximus, 2nd Triumvir
Caesar's best friend, 'Sic Semper Tyrannis'
Slept with Caesar and Antony
Roman Peace
2nd Emperor, raised Caligula
3rd Emperor
4th Emperor
Played his Lyre as the city burned

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