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Can you name the Pilots of Knightmares in Code Geass by Model?

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Knightmare Frame,Code Geass
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RZA-6DG MordredWields improved hadron cannons
Z-01 LancelotIntroduced in the Shinjuku Ghetto Battle
GanymedeTosses Pizza at Ashford Academy
RPI-209 Gloucester *Knight pledged to 'Witch of Britannia'
MR1Non-Combat (Black Knights + Ashford Academy)
Type-3F Gekka *Custom Black Gekka
Type-02 Guren Mk-IIFirst wholly Japan-made Knightmare Frame
Type-10R Burai *Early Black Knight Unit
RPI-00/SC Gloucester 'The Witch of Britannia'
IFX-V301 GawainRun on the Druid system, Wields Hadron Cannons
RZA-10JS Percival'The Vampire of Britannia'
RPI-11 GlasgowUsed in Shinjuku, Painted Red
RZA-3F9 TristanTransforms into a flying fortress
Type-0/0A ShinkirouRakshata Chawla makes from Gawain
Type-3F Gekka *Four Holy Swords (Any Name)
RZA-1A GalahadWields 'Excalibur'
RPI-212A Vincent Commander TypeKnight pledged to 'Witch of Britannia'
Type-05 Akatsuki Jikisan TypeLast Two of the Four Swords + 1 more
Type-04 ZangetsuFights until destroyed by Suzaku
RPI-13 Sutherland *Escorting believed murderer of Prince Clovis
Type-10R Burai *Adorned with a red helmet and yellow antennae
XT-404 Shen-HuChinese Federation's powerful Knightmare
RPI-209 Gloucester *(Andreas, Alfred G., Bart L., Claudio S., David T., Edgar N.) Darlton
Z-01/A Lancelot FrontierBuilt for the 'Witch'
RPI-212 VincentPiloted by an assassin
Type-05 AkatsukiHot-headed, Self-proclaimed best-friend of Zero
Sutherland SiegSiegfried with Zero's modifications
FXF-503Y SiegfriedCreated from hatred of Zero

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