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I wrote this song for my father
though he raised me like he should
no, I dont think so
she had to leave me when i was
she said
but in my minds eye
free to live without my fears
theres a reason why im here
its to try to do better
this little baby
will i relive their
or do things the right way
i am free now
i believe now
can I be a man
how to
i am free now
and we dream of the day
in the streets with no
fathers raise their sons with
handle anger and pain with
if we hope to
it takes
to start over
cause this world is
this is how we
i wrote this song for my
i wrote this song for my
so hopefully we can
and hopefully make things
i am free now
i believe now
why im here
one that understands how to
i am free now
i am free now

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