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unqualified willingness to go along with offer.
legal ability to enter into a contract
exchange of things of value
valid offer met by valid acceptance
contract must not violate statutes
proposal of one party to another
Some contracts are required to be written (such as those dealing with real estate)
Person who make the offer
Person who accepts or rejects the offer
Unfair persuasive pressure on another person
An untrue statement of fact without knowledge
deliberate deception to secure an unfair gain
Mistake by two parties-voids contract
mistake by one party-does not void contract
Threats to a person’s business.
Overcoming a person’s will by force
Ends the offer and makes the offeree the offeror.
What is the minor Image rule
For acceptance can the method be silenced
What is serious intent
What is undue influence
Party to whom an offer is made
Signed writing by a merchant stating how long it is to stay open.
Response by offeree, with new terms, which ends the original offer.
Requirement that the terms in an acceptance exactly match the terms in the offer.
Affirmative response necessary to transform an offer into a contract.
Contract to leave an offer open for a period of time in exchange for other consideration.
Agreement that is legally effective and enforceable in court.
The person who makes the offer.
Contract that has been fully performed.
Composed of prize, chance, and consideration.
A bet on the outcome of an event.
Exist when some element of an enforceable contract is missing.
License granted only to earn revenue for the licensing body.
License required of professionals certifying they can perform adequately.
Who makes the offer?
Which of the following is not part of the 6 parts of contract?
Severing of the parent-child relationship
Within the range of authorized acts
Goods and services needed to sustain life
State of being unable to understand the consequences of because of alcohol or drugs
Act after regaining capacity indicating intent to be bound by the contract
Ability to understand that a contract is being made and the consequences thereof
Giving back what you have received under a contract and requesting the return of what you gave
Period of time when a young person lacks full contractual capacity
A severe mental illness, retardation, or senility
Either 18, 19, or 21 in most states
One who has not yet reached the age of majoritY
Fraud is based on what?
Genuine assent is what?

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