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What Drake and Josh try to convince Megan she's seeing through her telescope
The name of Megan's sheep that she convinces Drake and Josh to keep in their bedroom
The name of Megan's first boyfriend in the episode 'Megan's First Kiss'
The rollercoaster that Drake and Josh sneak out to ride on the first night it opens
One of the 'nerds' that Drake consistently calls by the wrong name
The item that Drake and Josh fought over at a baseball game when they were kids
The thing that Grammy sends Josh in the mail that almost makes him lose his bet with Drake in 'The Bet'
The teacher that notoriously hates Drake
The lullaby that Drake and Josh have to sing to their dad's boss's baby to make it sleep in 'Two Idiots and a Baby'
The name that Drake puts on his fake ID
Mindy refuses to do this with Josh until he shaves his mustache in 'Playing the Field'
One of Drake's girlfriends who wrestles him in order to prove that girls are stronger than boys
Josh's on-and-off girlfriend that tries to get Drake suspended from school
Name of the actress that plays Drake and Josh's mother
The talk show host that Josh is obsessed with
The movie theater where Josh works
Mindy does this in order to give Josh the assistant manager job that he's always wanted
The thing that distracts Josh when signing Drake's recording contract (and also the name of the episode)
The name of the 'crazy' guy that works at the movie theater with Josh
The teaching program that Josh gets into that makes him Megan's teacher for a few days
What Josh puts on over his pants before going to meet Mindy's parents
The name of the episode where Drake and Josh get trapped in their teacher's house by her dog after Josh volunteers to house-sit
Drake and Josh's father's name
What Josh has to have done to his foot after Drake shoots him with a potato launcher
Josh's e-pal from Yudonia who Drake accidentally marries
The amount of times we see Drake and Megan's real dad throughout the series

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