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is a group of people who seek to control government by winning elections. Republican, Democracts
Protection against unreasonable search and seizure.Warrants must only be issued with probable cause
Enlightment philosopher best known for creating separation of powers, and checks and balances. Wrote The Spirit of Laws
To confirm or approve
Ex. Denied Power Punishment without a trial
Document which limited the power of the monarchy. Ratified 1215
Government must act fairly and in accord with established rules in all that it does.ex.Miranda v. Arizona
A president ignores a bill and it automatically dies
The President is apart of which branch. Bill Clinton, Obama
'Let it be' hands off approach to decision making
Women's Suffrage
A judge or justice is apart of which branch of government. Supreme Court Justice Nick Roberts
Official charge against an elected official.Andrew Jackson, and Bill Clinton
_______________ government where the legislative and executive branches are elected separately.The Chief sovereign is elected by the people.
Brown vs. Board of EducationJudicial philosophy the Constitution is interpreted as time and society change
A failed attempt at self-governance. Established freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. National government was too weak under this system
System of overlapping powers between the different branches of government Ex.Overriding a presidential video
Wanted to replace the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.Wanted to strengthen central government
New wave of thinking which encouraged social progress and reasoning.18th Century (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, and Montesquieu)
First form of self governance in US History.Signed 1620's
VotingThe people have authority of any and all governmental power
Our votes are sent to electors who elect the president on our behalf
.Enlightment philosopher who believed men to be 'nasty and brutish and must be controlled by an absolute authority.'Wrote Leviathan
Lowered the voting age to 18
Civic __________ means citizens should complete a task but are not lawfully required.Ex. Voting and volunteering
limited Presidential term limit (2 terms).Rule implemented for FDR
Established Judicial Review
Enlightenment philosopher who established that individuals have natural rights.Life, liberty and property
_______________ government the legislative branches and executive branches are intertwined and the chief sovereign is appointed from the legislature.
Judicial philosophy interprets the Constitution based on the original meaning of the Constitution Ex. Precedent
Marbury vs. Madison.The Supreme Court's ability to decide whether a governmental action is constitutional or not
They believed the Bill of Rights was essential.Debate regarding the Articles of Confederation, they feared strong national government
Established presidential succession.Vice President may take over for a president who can no longer perform his duties.
___________________ Powers given to the federal government which are directly stated in the Constitution
__________________ Powers Shared by both the federal and state level governments
Arguably:Most important amendment in the Bill of Rights
______________ Theory The government is given authority to govern by the people. The people may remove the government, if they are dissatisifed
Established a Legislative Branch with two houses. (Established the house and the Senate)
Number of votes needed to win the Electoral College
Replaced Plessy vs. Ferguson
Changed the process of electing senators. Senators are elected by the people instead of appointed
Ex. Denied Power A law applied to an act before its committed
s a collection of people who share certain views on public matters. NRA, MADD, and VFW
Reps+Senate+23rd AmendmentTotal number of votes in the electoral college
____________ jurisdiction court case called up to another court on a appeal. Supreme Court hears most of the cases based on this jurisdiciton
is the peocess by which organized interests attempt to influence public officials
Established independence from the Crown.Signed 1776
Protection against cruel and unusual punishment
Member of Congress is apart of which branchSpeaker of the House - Paul Ryan
Ex. Denied Power 'to bring the body before a judge'
____cameral.A legislative branch with one chamber
________________ Powers Established by the Necessary and Proper clause give the federal more power to complete expressed powers.
Deemed segregation as Constitutional
Civic ___________ means citizens must do by law. Serving jury duty, and attending school
Government led by a king or queen. Ex. Great Britain
Chamber of Congress led by equal representatives.Senate
Changed the process for electing the president and vice priesident
Fraction needed to override a presidential veto.
System of divided power between a national and state level government.10th Amendment
An aspect of federalism. ___________ Powers.Powers not directly given to the federal government are reserved for the states
President refuses to sign a bill
When federal and state courts share jurisdicition
Upper House of Congress.6 year terms, 30 years, 9 years a US Citizen
Abolished slavery
Most bills or perspective laws die here
Chamber of Congress represented by population size.House of Representatives
Ex.Department of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Department of Defense
_____________ jurisdiction the first to hear a court case

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