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Who assassinated J. F. Kennedy?
What is capital of Australia?
What is the official currency of China?
Which French King was nicknamed 'The Universal Spider'?
Who won the Superbowl in 1983?
Who won the first football world cup?
At Hall of Fame 2016, who did The New Day induct?
In greek mythology, Persius slayed what legendary creature?
During the Tudor era, Henry VIII over threw the Catholic Church to marry Anne Boleyn. What church did he create following his divorce with Catherine of Aragon?
David Beckham ended his football career at which club?
True or False? Texas has executed more inmates than any other state in USA.
What is the capital of Turkey?
King George V was famously known for what personal issue?
Stephen Hawking attended which university when he wrote his thesis on time?
WWE Hall of Famer Brett 'The Hitman' Hart was famously screwed by who?
Horatio Nelson's flagship was named?
Titanic, Britannic & Olympic are all famous ships constructed by which 1900's shipbuilder?
What is the former name of Myanmar?
China is bordered by Kyrgyzstan. True or False
What is the national language of South Africa?
USA entered WWII following the Japanese attack on which naval base?
Wallace & Gromit was created by who?
Who is current QB for Denver Broncos?
Which famous racehorse won the Grand National three times during 1970s?
Marilyn Manson covered which famous song by Soft Cell?
What is the primary method of execution in USA?
Which famous murderer was nicknamed 'Killer Clown'?
Who wrote 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'?
Before David Cameron, who was the Prime Minister of United Kingdom?
Who created Family Guy?
What was the name of the reactor that exploded at Chernobyl?
What Olympiad was London 2012?
What branch of the British Armed Forces did Prince Philip serve?
Bradford city are based at which stadium?
Who was assassinated thus starting World War I?
During World War II, D-Day occured on what date?
Ludwig Beethoven hailed from which country?
Which famous classical composer was known as the 'boy genius'?
Ffos Las racecourse is located in which country?
Kathmandu is the capital of which country?

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