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What nationality is Cristiano Ronaldo?*
What is the national flower of Italy?* * * *
How many wives did Henry VIII have?*
The Sistine Chapel is located in which country?* *
In WWF, The Roadwarrior's manager was who?* * *
What is the capital of Australia?* *
Mount Everest is located in which Asian country?* *
Which US State has executed the most inmates?* * *
What is the primary method of execution in USA?*
Oliver Cromwell was in support of King Charles I. True or False?* *
Dave Bautista made his James Bond debut in which movie?*
Huckleberry Finn, Adventures of Tom Sawyer & A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court are all books by which author?* * *
Bugatti are owned by which car manufacturer?* * *
Which university is dubbed as being the finest in the world?* * * * *
What was the name of the Italian dictator during WWII?* *
The Old Firms derby in football is played between Celtic & Rangers. Which city are these clubs from?*
In Saw, what is the nickname of John Kramer?*
Turkish football club Fenerbahce are from which Turkish city?* *
Henry VIII founded which church?* * *
What is the capital of Guatemala?* * *
In Greek mythology, what is the name of Posiden's father?* * * *
During WWII, the allied invasion of Holland was code named Operation ..............?* * *
What is the most venomous spider in the world?* * *
What year was the Californian Gold Rush?* * * * *
In UFC, which fighter is nicknamed 'The Natural Born Killer'?* *
Who won Superbowl in 1967 & 1968?* * * * *
Australia is home to around 90% the worldest most venomous............?* *
Who was the first US President to be assassinated?* * *
Which famous Shakespeare play was set in Scotland and believed to bring bad luck to actors who mention its name?* * * *
Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, Tim Robinson and which other actor feature in the main cast of 'Blackadder Goes Fourth'?* * *
What is the prehistoric relative of Great White Shark's?* *
In Family Guy, how old does Stewie claim to be?*
What is the capital of Nepal?* *
Who shot JFK?* * *
What does 'FYR' stand for in Macedonia FYR?* * * *
Nicolae Ceaușescu was the famous dictator of which European country?* * *
In WWE, Dustin & Cody are sons of which WWE Hall of Famer?* *
Rockstar Jim Morrison is buried in which European city?* * * *
Ted Bundy represented himself at his trial. True or False?* * * * *
Oxford & Cambridge are the top two universities in UK. What is London's top university?* * * *

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