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FactoidNamePolitical Party
1st to die in office; of a cold. Oldest elected until Regan.Whig
Studied law under Jefferson. Missouri Compromise. 'His Name' doctrine: Leave America alone, Europe! Democratic-Republican
Farewell address was a primer on republican virtue and a stern warning against partisanship, sectionalism, and involvement in foreign wars.No party
Bachelor president. Last born in 1700s. South seceded during his tenure, which started the Civil War.Democratic
Got California. Started the post-office. Last pre-civil war strong president.Democratic
Last pres to hold slaves in office. Last elected Whig. Died from dysentery; 3rd shortest tenure behind W.H.Harrison and Garfield.Whig
Major-General in Civil War. 200 days in office, 2nd to be assassinated. Federal jobs now awarded by merit, not political party = civil service act.Republican
Passed Garfield's Pendelton Civil Service Act, regarding him as widely popular.Republican
Predicted the civil war over slavery. 2nd president to serve single term, 1st was his father. Democratic-Republican
First to be assassinated. First republican. Civil War. Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address 1863. Republican / National Union
Man of the Renaissaince. Louisana Purchase. Lewis and Clark. Author of the Dec. of Independence. Democratic-Republican
Annexed Texas. Sided with confederacy during Civil War.Whig
Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Human rights proponent. Peanut Farmer. Iran hostage affair, fuel shortages. Democratic
Appointed Taft to Supreme Court. Numerous scandals; ironically biggest lopsided popular vote victory. Start of Depression. Republican
Small government. Early Regan. Laissez-Faire policy. Renewed reputation of Presidency from scandalous Harding.Republican
Great Depression.Republican
War of 1812. Author of the Bill of Rights.Democratic-Republican
Progressive. Spanish-American war over human rights violations in Cuba. Gold Standard. Territories of PR, Guam, Hawaii.Republican
Myth that he installed the first bathtub in the White House. Started the White House library. Opened up trade with Japan.Whig
Buck stops here. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Atomic Bomb. UN, NATO, Cold War, Berlin Airlift, Korean War. Democratic
Progressive. Youngest US president at 42. Conservation of nature. Panama Canal. 'Square Deal.' Nobel Peace Prize. Hunter and model of masculinity. Shot, but not killed, gave a speeRepublican
Welfare reform. Economic Boom. Failed healthcare reform. Impeached for perjury over sexual scandal.Democratic
FactoidNamePolitical Party
Sherman Anti-Trust act. Grandson of 1st president to die in office.Republican
Football for Michigan. Ended Vietnam. Pardoned Nixon. Lots of inflation and recession.Repubican
Quasi-Progressive. Only president to serve on Supreme Court (as Chief Justice!). Last president with facial hair. Heaviest president at 300 pounds. 7th inning stretch.Republican
Only one of two people, the other being Thomas Jefferson, to serve as Secretary of State, Vice President and President. First president not of British decent. Democratic
Major-General in Civil War. Won electoral vote, lost popular vote. Ended reconstruction by pulling out federal troops, thereby allowing continued racism.Republican
Signed civil rights legislation. Tolerant of corruption, which tarnished his reputation. General that defeated Lee at Appottomax April 1865, ending the civil war. Republican
Anti-Indian. Anti-National Bank. Symbol for modern democratic party taken from making fun of his name 'Jackass'. Old Hickory. Democratic
Director CIA. War on Drugs. Persian Gulf War. Fall of Berlin Wall. Dissolution of Soviet Union.Republican
Greatest President along with Washington and Lincoln. Elected to 4 terms. Great Depression, New Deal, Social Security. Pearl Harbor, Day That Will Live in Infamy. WWII. Wheelchair Democratic
Sympathetic to southerners, vetoed civil rights legislation, and consequently impeached, nearly convicted.Democratic / National Union
Panic of 1893, worst depression until the Great Depression. Drove expansion West.Democratic
First president to visit China. Started to end Vietnam. Ended Gold Standard. Only president to resign office after Watergate Scandal.Republican
Came up with the notion of branches of gov't. Appointed John Marshall Supreme Justice. Father to 6th president. Federalist
Only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. Actually won the popular vote over Harrison in the next election. This has happened 4 times:1824, 1876, 1888, 2000.Democratic
Lost popular vote. September 11th, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Medicare Drug benefit.Republican
Libya Bombing. Cold War and nuclear proliferation. Alzheimers.Former actor. Reaganomics, decreased government. Iran-Contra affair. Republican
Progressive. President of Princeton. World War I, Women's suffrage, Nobel Peace Prize. Policy of involving the U.S. in foreign affairs on behalf ofdemocracy.Democratic
2nd youngest president. Pulitzer prize. Cuban missile crisis. Bay of pigs. Berlin Wall built. Civil Rights Movement. Vietnam War.Democratic
Pro-slavery, Kansas-Nebraska Act. Generally considered one of the more unpopular presidents.Democratic
Depression, financial reform. Health Care reform. Nobel Peace Prize. First African-American president. Democratic
Served as Pres, VP, Senator and Representative. Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights, Public broadcasting, 'War on Poverty'. Vietnam escalation.Democratic
Space race. Interstate highways. Removed McCarthy from power. 5-star general in WW2. Republican

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