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QUIZ: Can you name the Movies (w/numbers in the title) from the brief summary?

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Movie InfoMovie Title
1997: President tries to retake control of plane in-flight
2005: Inexperienced employee at SuperElectronic store, looks for Sex/Love. His Buddies help
1998: Pilot and Passenger get lost in storm, crash-land on Pacific Island
1957: Personal Revelations in Jury Deliberations
1995: 2 Detectives (rookie & veteran) hunt a Serial Killer
2003: Magazine writer has duel of wits with Advertising Hot-Shot
1970: Mexican Adventures of a Feisty Nun w/secret and her Cowboy Rescuer
1935: Hitchcock, Spy Ring, Espionage, and of course... Murder
1980:Women in Office Teach Lesson to disparaging overbearing Boss
1988: Baseball Scandal
1970: Title Refers to a Book of Piano Exercises for Children
1961: WWII Bombardier can't escape insanity of War or Military
2002: Zombies, created by a primate spawned virus, run amok in a mostly deserted & destroyed London
Movie InfoMovie Title
2005:Comic Book Movie
1982: Eddie Murphy Star-Maker
1971:George Lucas' adaption of a film short he made in college
1975: Intelligence Agent w/Desk Job, forced into Action when his Department is Violently Eliminated
1953: Inspiration for Hogan's Heroes TV Show
1961, 1996:Disney animated movie, also made as live action
1960, 2001: Group plans Casino Heist
1960: a Group of Men are hired to protect village from marauders
1993: Will Smith's first substantial role. (does he know Kevin Bacon?)
1995: Nasa Moon Mission near-tragedy
1954:Family goes into town... a'courtin
1974, 2009: Ransom is demanded for Passengers on Hi-Jacked Subway

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