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Can you name the songs of Animal Collective and related projects?

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Panda Bear (Panda Bear, 1999)
Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (Avey Tare & Panda Bear, 2000)
Danse Manatee (Avey Tare, Panda Bear & Geologist, 2001)
Hollinndagain (Avey Tare, Panda Bear & Geologist, 2002)
Campfire Songs (Campfire Songs, 2003)
Here Comes the Indian (Animal Collective, 2003)
Split with David Grubbs (Avey Tare, 2003)
Split with Black Dice (Animal Collective, 2004)
Sung Tongs (Animal Collective, 2004)
Who Could Win a Rabbit (Animal Collective, 2004)
Young Prayer (Panda Bear, 2004)
Grass (Animal Collective, 2005)
Feels (Animal Collective, 2005)
The Purple Bottle (Animal Collective, 2006)
People (Animal Collective, 2007)
Person Pitch (Panda Bear, 2007)
Take Pills (Panda Bear, 2007)
Peacebone (Animal Collective, 2007)
Strawberry Jam (Animal Collective, 2007)
Living Bridge (Various/Avey Tare, 2008)
Water Curses (Animal Collective, 2008)
Merriweather Post Pavilion (Animal Collective, 2009)
Fall Be Kind (Animal Collective, 2009)
Down There (Avey Tare, 2010)
Keep + Animal Collective (Various, 2011)
Tomboy (Panda Bear, 2011)
Transverse Temporal Gyrus (Animal Collective, 2012)
Honeycomb (Animal Collective, 2012)
Centipede Hz (Animal Collective, 2012)
Applesauce (Animal Collective, 2012)

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