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1928 (Amsterdam)
1936 (Berlin)
Track athlete 
1948 (London)
Track athlete 
1952 (Oslo, Winter)
Grandson of polar explorer Fidtjof Nansen 
1952 (Helsinki)
distance runner, won 9-gold medals in 1920 
1956 (Cortina d'Ampezzo, winter)
Speed skater, participated in 1948, 1952 en 1956 olympics 
1956 (Melbourne/Stockholm)
Long distance runner & equestrian 
1960 (Squaw Valley, winter)
olympic champion in speed skating 500m, 1952 
1960 (Rome)
Track athlete 
1964 (Innsbruck, winter)
former Alpine skiĆ«r, participated in 1956 
1964 (Tokyo)
track & field athlete, born on the day Nagasaki got bombed. 
1968 (Grenoble, winter)
former figure skater, won silver medal at 1964 olympics 
1968 (Mexico City)
first woman to carry the torch 
1972 (Sapporo, winter)
student and speed skater 
1972 (Munich)
middle distance runner 
1976 (Innsbruck, winter)
olympic downhill & luge doubles winners in 1964 
1976 (Montreal)
two teenagers 
1980 (Lake Placid, winter)
A doctor from Arizona who had been elected from all 52 bearers to run the final part. 
1980 (Moscow)
Basketball player who won four Olympic medals, including a gold in 1972. 
1984 (Sarajevo, winter)
A figure skater who participated in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics. 
1984 (Los Angeles)
Winner of the decathlon at the 1960 Olympics. The first African American to light the flame. 
1988 (Calgary, winter)
A 12-year-old schoolgirl and figure skater 
1988 (Seoul)
two track athletes and a schoolteacher 
1992 (Albertville, winter)
football star of EURO 1984 and young frenchman 
1992 (Barcelona)
archer, competed in the paralympic games 
1994 (Lillehammer, winter)
by that time the crown prince of Norway 
1996 (Atlanta)
Boxing legend (a.k.a Cassius Clay) 
1998 (Nagano, winter)
figure skater, winning silver medal in 1992 
2000 (Sydney)
track & field athlete, won 400m at these olympics 
2002 (Salt lake City, winter)
made a memorable defeat to the Russian hockey squad in 1980 
2004 (Athens)
1996 windsurfing olympic gold medallist, won silver at these games 
2006 (Turin, winter)
Italian gold medallist cross-country skiing 
2008 (Beijing)
gymnast, three times gold medallist in 1984 
2010 (Vancouver, winter)
Speedskater (gold medal 500 m 1998 & 2002); Skier, won gold medal at downhill and silver at slalom in 1968; basketball player for Phoenix Suns, two times NBA MVP; hockey player, named 'the great one', legendary player  

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