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UseInstrument or Equipment
Measures Mass
Measures Temperature
Measures Heat
Measures Atmospheric Pressure
Measures photon absorbenc and transmittance
Measures electromagnetic absorbance of certain atoms in molecules, ultimately paints a picture of molecular structure.
Measures Large unknown volumes of liquid
Measures Radioactivity
Measures Acidity
Measures Electrical Potential
Measures Electrical Resistance
Measures Electrical Current
Device used to display, in 2-D, voltage on the y-axis and time on the x-axis
Vessel used to create solutions of precise volumes
Vessel used to mix solutions
UseInstrument or Equipment
Used in suction filtration or vacuum filtration, collects solid products
Used to deliver/transfer a precise predetermined aliquot of liquid
Used to deliver/dispense a graduated amount of liquid, used in titrations
Faucet attachment used to create a vacuum by means of the Venturi Effect
Separates molecules by forcing a solution through a column under high pressure
Used in thin layer chromatography, the device containing the stationary phase
Used in distillation, this piece of equipment helps separate vaporized compounds by facilitating condensation/vaporization cycles
Uses dry heat to heat a solution typically above the boiling point of water
Uses ice water to cool a solution
Teflon coated component that constantly mixes a solution
Area where hazardous gas producing reactions are performed
Produces a single open gas flame
Device used to transfer solids particularly from their stock container to a weigh boat
Delivers a concentrated beam of photons at a set wavelength
Highly insulated vessel, e.g. it can contain liquid nitrogen without it boiling

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