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QUIZ: Can you name the MCB I Drugs and Toxins?

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Toxic protein in castor beans: Depurinates a specific A residue in 28S rRNA which inhibits its peptidyl transferase activity.K. Tamoxifen
Antibiotic that inhibits protein synthesis. Structurally similar to 3' end of aminoacyl tRNA. It binds to A site on ribosome and prematurely ends translation.H. Chloramphenicol
Toxin - inhibits eukaryotic RNA pol II and III because they are located in the nucleoplasm, RNA pol I is unaffected b/c it's located in the nucleolus.F. Puromycin
Antibiotic that binds 23S rRNA of large ribosomal subunit (50S) thereby inhibiting protein synthesis. Staph can become resistant to this drug by a single A residue being methylatedG. Tetracyclin
Anti-Cancer drug. An estrogen analogue that binds and distorts estrogen receptors making it so that estrogen cant bind. (Estrogen is a substrate for some breast tumors.)J. Ricin
Antibiotic that inhibits protein synthesis by blocking bacterial peptidyl transferase.D. Erythromycin
Antibiotic that was iIsolated from streptomyces, binds to RNA polymerase after it is on template and changes RNA pol's conformation resulting in no transcription. Transcription inhB. Actinomycin
Antibiotic that inhibits protein synthesis. Blocks the A site of ribosome.I. Diptheria
Antibiotic that inhibits protein synthesis. Binds to 30S subunit and causes misreading of genetic code, inhibiting elongationA. Alpha Amanitin
Antibiotic that was isolated from streptomyces, Binds to ds DNA making it an ineffective template for RNA synthesis. Intercollates between adjacent GC pairs. Transcription inhibitoE. Streptomycin
Toxin that inactivates eukaryotic elongation factor 2 by modifying a histidine residue. Causes upper respiratory tract infection / upper neck swelling.C. Rifampin

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