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Percent methylsalicylate in Oil of Wintogreen
1 gm MS = _____ gm ASA
Time to peak concentration at normal dose (hours)
Time to peak concentration at overdose (hours)
Vd at normal dose (L/kg)
Vd at overdose (L/kg)
Protein binding at normal dose (%)
Protein binding at overdose (%)
Half life range at normal dose (hours)
Half life greater than _____ at overdose (hours)
Order of metabolism at normal dose
Order of metabolism at overdose
Name of clump of medication that may occur in GI tract and make absorption erratic
pKa of ASA
ionized or unionized at pH 2?
How many mechanisms of toxicity?
Mechanism #1
Mechanism #2
Mechanism #3
Mechanism #4
Mechanism #5
Number of systems affected
System 1
System 2
System 3
System 4
How many mg/kg does it take before putting adults and children in the hospital
GI decon method of choice
Therapeutic serum ASA level range (mg/dL)
Toxic serum ASA level is above _____ (mg/dL)
Class of drugs preferred in seizures
Antidote chemical
Antidote method
Goal urine pH (range)
Indication for dialysis in acute ASA ingestion is a serum level greater than _______mg/dL
Indication for dialysis in chronic ASA ingestion is a serum level greater than ______mg/dL
Overall ingestion of greater than _______mg/kg calls for dialysis
A CHF patient needing ASA toxicity treatment will require Bicarb or dialysis?
End point for Bicarb administration is when the serum ASA level is less than _____ mg/dL and trending down

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