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Fe2+ is called _______ iron
Fe3+ is called _______ iron
Units that serum iron concentration is measured in
% elemental Iron in ferrous fumurate
% elemental iron in ferrous sulfate
% elemental iron in ferrous gluconate
Do gummy vitamins contain iron? Ever?
How many mechanisms of toxicity?
Mechanism #1
Mechanism #2
Mechanism #3
Mechanism #4
Stage 1 time frame (hours)
Stage 2 time frame (hours)
Stage 3 time frame (hours)
Stage 4 time frame (days)
Stage 5 time frame (weeks)
Which stage is called the GI Phase and shows signs of N/V/D, abdominal pain, hematemesis, hematochezia, melena, loss of fluid and electrolytes
Which stage is called the Shock Stage and is classified by hypovolemia, vasodilation, and hypotension. You can see respiratory failure
Which stage is called the Silent Phase, which can be skipped, and shows resolution of GI sxs. Organ cellular toxicity is occurring, tachycardia, and metabolic acidosis
Which stage shows gastric outlet obstruction secondary to GI scarring
Which stage is called the Hepatic stage where iron is taken up by the liver and causes oxidative damage?
Which system is affected from: N/V/D, hematemeisis, hematochezia, and melena?
Which system is affected from: Shock (due to leaky vasculature)
Which system is affected from: ADRS
Which system is affected from: Acidosis
Which system is affected from: Altered Mental Status
Which system is affected from: Increased AST/ALT
Which stage would monitoring ABC be so important due to chance for hypovolemia and CV shock?
Does iron bind to charcoal?
Which GI decon method is most useful?
The water from gastric lavage can cause iron tablets to clump together, causing the formation of what?
Time range to obtain iron serum levels (hours)
Normal iron serum concentration (mcg/dL)
Iron serum concentration in GI toxicity only (mcg/dL)
Iron serum concentration in systemic toxicity (mcg/dL)
Iron serum concentration when mortality occurs is greater than _____ (mcg/dL)
Name of iron antidote
Deferoxamine is a ________ to iron?
Resulting iron/deferoxamine complex is called ____
DFO is indicated when iron is above which concentration (mcg/dL)
WBC >15,000, Glucose >150mg/dL, S/sx of iron toxicity can be used when iron concentrations can not be obtained (type 'yes' to continue)
DFO dosing (mg/kg) (max dose 6g/day)
Endpoint: When serum iron concentration within normal range. What is normal range (mcg/dL)?

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