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A Chevrolet truck teams up with three other cars and brings peace to a town in the old west.
A young, bilingual Ford SUV stars in an educational children's cartoon.
A midsize Toyota hatchback finds out that the world he lives in is an illusion created by artificially intelligent cars.
A group of Dodge muscle cars team up to fight an invading army led by a Norse God.
An immortal Toyota SUV travels to New York City to face off against other immortal warriors in a tournament.
A Kia sedan, one of the last of his kind, gets stolen and paired with a mate by a band of thieves hoping to sell them on the black market.
In the third part of a massively popular series, a vampire and his human girlfriend track down a rogue Mitsubishi sports car.
Zeus sends his son to battle a group of Nissan pick-up trucks, who are threatening to invade the world.
A honda minivan is a crew member on an interplanetary station that is taken over by a murderous computer.
A small Ford SUV plots and plans to break out from the most secure prison in the world.
After four of his kind disappear, a roomy Honda SUV goes in search of forces that will save the Universe

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